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We are looking for a Business Development Manager (BDM) for our Commercial, Jansan product line. At BHC, our Business Development Managers are the business drivers for their respective product line and the chief stewards of enriching and instilling BHC's values into our product lines, markets, and channels we serve. The BDM will identify markets and develop the product line solutions to support those markets. A successful product line is one that is high performing, profitable, and meets or exceeds the needs of the marketplace.

As the chief steward of the product line, the role must be certain that BHC’s products and customers align and that both support BHC's mission, vision and values. An effective person in this position will understand the big picture and ensure there is clarity on what's important to the company’s long-term success. This includes understanding the short-term needs and steadily working toward building a strong team and aiming for excellent results in the longer term.

 Duties & Responsibilities:

 Product Line Development and Management

  • Plans, organizes and controls product line from conceptual stages through product life cycle to optimize profit and meet marketing, financial and corporate growth objectives.  
  • Responsible for maintaining a portfolio of products based on market research - creating, tracking, monitoring all the products/programs. Looks across all products in a portfolio or product line to ensure compatibility and consistency and avoid conflicts and duplication.
  • Evaluates product performance physically and financially - alters formula, positioning to maximize profits.
  • Devises and maintains a strategic product line plan, update as necessary, communicate with the team.
  • Follows the Product Development (PD) process - engages others early, "manages" the teams (quality over quantity).
  • Generates product requirements and determines specifications, production timetables, pricing and time-integrated plans for product introduction. Full market research is required to validate if it is worth the investment to create.
  • Immerses self in the field. Know why some products have succeeded while others have failed. Go to trade shows and talk with re-sellers, salespeople, end-users and other manufacturers. An active participant in the industry with the goal of being an expert.
  • Coordinates with various departments and ensures optimal levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Advises Sales in attaining maximum results from existing accounts, acquiring new accounts and in meeting the goals of the product line. 
  • Works closely with key BHC team members to ensure the timely completion of business agreements and developments and sales planning activities.
  • Develops goals for the development team as well as sets business growth goals. Ensures goals are met.

 Product Marketing

  • Designs and implements various sales and advertising strategies for existing and new products. Collaborates with Marketing to execute.
  • Tells Marketing what the product does and why it's better and ensures that they get it right when they do the literature and advertising.
  • Oversees the communication of information to all Specialists and customers on new resources and product launches in respect to market trends.

 Market Research

  • This is the basis for all decisions - PD and other.
  • Designs the business case for all new products.
  • Develops and maintains a prioritized list of customers and market requirements for product line.
  • Produces competitive analysis materials comparing products with its key competitors.
  • Conducts market research to determine customers’ needs and desires, along with industry trends and regulations before PD projects are started.
  • Monitors regulatory and industry developments for the company and product line. Keeps management abreast of regulatory, industry and market trends and conditions.


  • Builds rapport and develops long-term business relationships with clients over the course of an extended sales cycle.
  • Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with our team members, customers and within the Industry to ensure that customers’ needs for products, product application, training, problem analysis and resolution are being met. 
  • Researches organizations and individuals to find new opportunities.
  • Holds routine meetings with the Sales Manager and Marketing Manager - ensure cohesion.
  • Prepares, monitors and works within a budget.
  • Travels - offers support to the field (25%), travel to build and maintain key relationships (as determined), and industry events (15%).

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or related degree with, at least, 3 years' relevant experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Jansan/janitorial experience a plus.
  • Leadership - Be a strong, professional leader in the organization; a role model and champion of corporate initiatives; someone who communicates openly with management; and is conscience of the influence the position has on those in the organization.
  • Research, Strategy, and Analytical - Have strong research and strategic analysis skills in order to benchmark the competition and keep the company a step ahead.
  • Business Intelligence - Have the skills to conduct the market analysis needed to identify the company´s current position; conduct an analysis of what competitive advantages the company has over the similar businesses; and collect the data they need in order to prepare an accurate analysis.
  • Communication - Be able to speak and write clearly and confidently, as well as actively listen with an empathetic and open mind to address others’ needs and concerns. And be the leader in initiating meetings, group discussions, dialogue, etc. 
  • Decision Making - Be decisive, quick to respond, and must be able to support with fact.
  • Problem Identification & Solving: Must understand the steps necessary to identify and solve problems.
  • Entrepreneurial - Be a risk taker with an entrepreneurial mindset who's passionate about sales and is self-motivated and driven by success. Must use company resources to become self-sufficient (i.e. Salesforce, X3, and reports).
  • Relationship Building - Have stellar networking skills and the ability to make smart partnerships happen. And have the ability to nurture and manage relationships with key industry contacts in the market, key customers, and key vendors.
  • Negotiation & Persuasion - Be tactful and diplomatic and be able to determine when to compromise and when to take a stand.
  • Project Management - Must set intentional goals and plans; manage projects and teams; manage the risks involved; and calculate budgets, cost, and time.
  • Product Knowledge - Must learn the ins and outs of the products, programs, competitors, and industry.  
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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